A question I keep posing to my best friend, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, is “How does it happen?”

Well, how does it happen that I suddenly discover a box that I hadn’t opened in close to seven years containing two full-length adult plays and a noveliiztion I had written for one of them dating back to the early l990’s? All of this was written at Kemeys Cove in Briarcliff Manor, New York, before moving to Cape Coral, Florida.

I’m working crazily to finish the novel and get it to my agent.  Somehow when I labeled this journal page ONTO TOMORROWS I didn’t fully realize what tomorrows might bring.

Years ago when I interviewed Mary Stolz, she talked about Ursula Nordstrom being a great editor. She said: “My own respect for Ursula’s judgement has led me to discard any manuscript that she really thinks unworthy.  The way she puts it is, ‘Mary, this will lend no lustre to your name nor to Harper’s’. Naturally, I should like my work to as lustrous as possible, so I listen to her and consider any unaccepted manuscript simply a finger exercise.”

Perhaps I am exercising my fingers on this new venture.  Yet, I doubt it.  I am having the time of my life writing, writing, writing in a new adventure.

Onto tomorrows!  How does it happen?  Who knows?