January seems listless after so much jingling, twinkling, ho-ho-ho-ing, et. al.  Yet it is a welcome month to clean up the old and start on new pathways.

I’m off to a good start with the publication of NASTY BUGS, illustrated by the whimsical, Will Terry (Dial). KIRKUS, a tough publication, stated in a great review: “As the bedbug says, ‘absolutely deeeelicious’; ALA BOOKLIST says, ” This book will have you itching and scratching in no time.  Bright colored illustrations sparkle and glow in a vibrant palate…”

This fall my picture book with Stephen Alcorn, MARY’S SONG, will be be published by Eerdman’s – my nativity lovesong.  2012 will seem like Christmas all year long!

I finished my first adult novel, TRUDY’S PALACE, loosely based on my mother’s life, and am well into a second adult novel, a comedy.

At an after Christmas art show Charles and I bought an incredible new bronze sculpture by one of our favorite artists Bill Wilfong.  And can one make love to one’s new Amish-made cherry desk?  Yes!  It’s a knockout in every way.

As I sit writing this I look forward this afternoon to take a break to enjoy Florida’s incredible January weather in the low 80’s with the most wondrous tropical breeze floating through the house. I have indeed learned the true meaning of having ‘a sunny disposition’.

Life is goooood.