I did not get to a November post.  Where that month went is a mystery.

October ended with our 4th Annual Writing Institute at Edison State College, Ft. Myers — a memorable day.  Gregory Maguire (WICKED) and illustrator, Bill Farnsworth gave outstanding presentations.  We all look forward to next year when the guest speaker will be Patricia MacLachlan, author of SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL (HarperCollins).

Then — BLINK! — November came and went with a delightful visit from Steve Herb of Penn State University, a host of meetings, and too many social gatherings.  Living in Florida is like being at a full-time party!

December entered in with an incredible day at Barnes & Noble, Ft. Myers, when I autographed books for the Early Coalition of SW Florida, a dedicated organization to bring books into the hands of children who never owned one before — a fact hard to believe as we approach 2013.

The rest of December is merry-making – from start to finish. Christmastime here is quite magical.  Houses are decorated to the hilt.  There are concerts, theatre, a production of THE NUTCRACKER, gala parties.  Florida truly jingles lots of bells.  It helps when the weather is in the 80’s.

I look forward to January – a New Year – new beginnings.  I’m anxious to get back into a revision of an adult novel, work further on a picture book, and look forward to my new YA collection, ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE (Creative Editions), illustrated by Guy Billout due out next fall.  Guy’s contemporary, sometimes startling artwork, brings new meaning to Shakespeare’s “Seven Ages of Man” monologue from AS YOU LIKE IT.  I like it!

Happy Holidays — and to all a good night.