It is hard to believe I turn 75 on April l3th.  I keep thinking of Sondheim’s song from FOLLIES — “I’m Still Here.”

It is POETRY MONTH.  I did a long SKYPE visit with Renee La Tulippe for her www.nowaterriver.com site. Renee is incredibly charming, witty, and always excited about poetry.  The interview, conducted from her home in Piombino, Italy, is scheduled to air on April 29th.  It was such fun talking face-to-face from Italy to my study in Cape Coral, Florida.

This is the first SKYPE I have ever done — it was influenced by Renee who shamed me (for a long, long time) into setting up a SKYPE program.  I’m so glad she did.  I’ll post the interview as soon as it is aired.

On the publishing front:  Even with a top agency and stellar publishing houses, it seems everything is slower than ever before.  There is — tomorrow, next week, next month, a few more months — on and on.  Things finally happen — but …!

I have works finished with publishing dates through 2016!

For now, it is 2013.  Of course, onto tomorrow…