SEPTEMBER got off to a busy start with news that NASTY BUGS received a nomination for the Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award for 2014-2015. So — girls and boys will be itchin’ and scratchin’ for years to come!

Beginning September 6, the wondrous Renee LaTulippe at www.nowaterriver.com will release the first video interview with me on the NCTE Excellence in Poetry for Children Award recipients. I discuss the life and works of incredible wordmaster, David McCord, who told me:

“Poetry is so much more than the shiver down the spine…” — and more.

Renee and I are at work to include all winners to date.

On September 28, Penn State University at State College will host the 20th Anniversary of the Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award. This year’s winner, Kate Coombs will be there to receive the award for WATER SINGS BLUE.

Also at the affair Steve Herb has arranged to have a member of every jury for the past two decades to read a poem from each winner. For more information see AWARDS at this site.

A special treat will be the appearance of Ashley Bryan who just celebrated his 90th Birthday. Ashley received the first award in l993, for his SING TO THE SUN. I well remember being at the first celebration held at the Governor’s Mansion in Harrisburg, PA, attended by my family and a host of good friends and colleagues.

Since I won’t be attending the gala Steve has arranged a filmographer to do a documentary with me to be shown.

Registration has also opened for the Fifth Edison State Writer’s Institute, October 26.  I look forward to being with dear friends, Patricia MacLachlan, author of SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL, a Newbery Award book, and Stephen Alcorn with whom I have done several books with including the latest MARY’S SONG. It should be quite an event.

September 27 is Charles Egita’s birthday – a date I celebrate for so many reasons…mainly his being him.

A month to cherish.

Onto tomorrows…