Although I knew Charlotte for many years, the first book I did with her was the anthology MORNING, NOON, AND NIGHTTIME, TOO, published with Harper in l980.

I adored her — not only as being a brilliant editor but a good friend.

At lunch one afternoon, and we had many, many lunches together, I mentioned how sad that her books of poetry were out of print, especially RIVER WINDING (T. Y. Crowell, l970) which first appeared in l970 under the Abelard-Schuman imprint. RIVER… had etherial two-color paintings by Kazue Mizumura which perfectly reflected Charlotte’s beautiful poetry.ALL THAT SUNLIGHT (Harper, l967) was also gone.

“These poems plus a bunch of others I keep in a box,” she told me. “They’re so unorganized. I could never do anything with them.”

This was back in the l980’s. I was doing a lot of work with Harcourt with the wondrous late-editor Anna Bier. I had an idea to bring back some classic poetry by putting them in new editions. I had just convinced Myra Cohn Livingston to put together a collection of her out-of-print works which Anna published titled A SONG I SANG TO YOU (Harcourt, l980), illustratred by Margo Tomes

“Let me talk to Anna,” I told Charlotte.

I soon got Anna and Charlotte together. Both were excited over the project yet Charlotte, being ultra-busy with her own editorial work at Harper could not begin to take on a collection.

“I’ll do it for you,” I said.

After Charlotte delivered the box to me I wondered what I was thinking.

I worked what seemed forever going through scraps and pages of poetry.

It ended up being EVERYTHING GLISTENS AND EVERYTHING SINGS: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS (Harcourt, l987), also illustrated by Margot Tomes, a volume containing seventy-two poems.

I treasured – will also treasure — Charlotte’s Dedication to the book”:

To Anna Bier

and Lee Bennett Hopkins

with affection and gratitude.

I cannot say more except to quote her:



Now I walk

along the bank

the water’s very blue

and I walking by the waves

missing you.




We turn out the lights

and the color is gone..

Only with closed eyes

can you see now.

The colors will forever be there.